Photo Album

Aerial view of our farm during the early 2000s.

David feeding the fire under the maple syrup boiler.

Each year we sell a small number of very large trees (over 10 feet tall).

Some young trees growing up on the Main Farm (and a new transplant between them).

One of the fields we currently maintain in Lincoln, where most of our precut trees come from.

Some great big Scotch Pine, with some firs interplanted.

Our sign during the Christmas season.
View from the far end of the Werner East fields.

Our model train making a loop outside, and the saws for our customers to cut trees with in the background.

One of the Werner East fields.

Three of our horses. Natalie on the left, Twister on the right, and Angel (Natalie's mother) in the background.

Loading the precut trees onto the trailer.

Some paper wasps decided one of our trees was a nice site for their hive. This made shearing the nearby trees interesting.

One of the main farm fields the morning after a snowstorm.