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Meet the Werners: About Us

A Vermont Family Farm

Our farming philosophy - it's got to be good for the environment and good for the family

Our goal is to grow crops that feed and support one another within an agricultural ecosystem. We focus on perennial crops that allow our soils to thrive with little disturbance. Our mix of managed forest, open space, and wildlands provides clean water, captures carbon from the air, and provides habitat for wildlife to thrive in.

The Christmas trees came first- Fred Werner planted the first trees on our farm in 1980.  The bees came shortly after, although we took a break from them in the 1990s and 2000s.  Cheryl kept bees in the 1980s, but stopped to raise the kids until Amanda wanted to try beekeeping in 2008.  We started producing horse hay in the early 2000s to keep the farm's meadows open.  Open space benefits the Christmas trees by giving them plenty of light to grow.  In 2018 we added Shropshire sheep to our farm, grazing them in the Christmas trees to help us with weed control.  


Cheryl and David both have long family histories of sugaring - Cheryl's family has been making maple syrup in the Champlain Valley for over 150 years! But we didn't add retail maple to our farm until 2008. The sugarbush provides the farm with forest diversity, a sustainable source of wood, and the sweetest way to end our long winters.


So what's coming next on the farm?  In 2021 we added enough solar panels on the farm to supply our own electric needs.  We're experimenting with mulching as a weed suppressor and soil improver.  We're always looking for ways to improve our soils and help our trees grow better.

Keep an eye out for on farm events. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter if you want to be the first to know what's happening. 

Six people stand in front of a red barn with a wreath.


Man in a blue shirt holds a brown puppy with bandana.


Head of Sales

portrait of woman with grey hair. photo: Tom Rafalovich


Department of Elf Resources

Headshot of a woman in a purple flannel shirt with snow


Marketing Manager

Man wearing santa hat and flannel shirt carries a Christmas tree on his shoulder.



A woman chases a dog in a snowy field


Holiday Cheer Committee

Man wearing red flannel shirt and santa hat kisses a black dog wearing a santa hat.



Brown dog wearing a wreath with red bow around her neck.


She's everything

Woman in red flannel shirt and santa hat on a brown horse in snow covered Christmas trees.


He's just Twister

Meet the Werners: Meet the Team
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