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Shropshire Sheep

Shropshire sheep are a versatile breed, known for their meat, wool, and ability to graze around trees without causing damage. We're proud to have introduced Groverman Shropshires to Vermont, and have been grazing them in our Christmas trees since 2019. By using sheep to graze, we're reduced the need for mowing. They can eat weeds close to the tree trunks without causing damage.

Our sheep are carefully selected from Groverman and Mapleton Mynd lines, and our lambs start life grazing in our Christmas trees alongside their mothers. This ensures that they learn proper tree grazing behavior and develop a taste for grass and weeds, without harming the trees.

shropsire sheep graze in a field of Christmas trees

Using sheep for green farming

At our farm, we strive to use sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices. One of the ways we achieve this is through our use of Shropshire sheep in agroforestry. We utilize intensive rotational grazing techniques, which involves frequent relocation of the sheep to new pastures every few days. This practice not only promotes the health of the sheep, but it also has a positive impact on the environment by sequestering carbon in the soil, improving soil water-holding capacity, increasing soil organic matter, and enhancing microbial diversity. Our Shropshire sheep have a proven history of success in this type of regenerative grazing, making them the perfect choice for orchard grazing. With their ability to eat grass and weeds while leaving crop trees alone, they contribute to maintaining a healthy agroforestry ecosystem, which is essential for the long-term sustainability of our farm and the planet.

You can support our sheep grazing project by buying yarn from our sheep

Are you interested in having your own flock of Shropshire sheep? All our lambs will be either RR or QR for scrapies resistance. They will come having successfully grazed in a crop tree alongside their mothers. Contact us to get added to our 2024 lamb waiting list.

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