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Adventure Dinner: Winter Solstice Celebration

Fire and fondue on a cold winter night

On Wednesday, December 21st we hosted a fire-filled (and cold!) celebration of light with the amazing folks at Adventure Dinner. The sold-out event was full of hot drinks, centerpiece making, and fondue feasting!

a women raises a glass in a party barn

There were plenty of chances to eat, drink, and be merry. With temperatures dipping into the high teens, the fire pits and woodstove were popular gathering spots. We can personally vouch for how delicious the hot cider and Chef James' fondue were. There really isn't much better than gooey cheese on a cold, dark winter night.

A woman demonstrates evergreen design in a barn

Cheryl and Amanda guided guests through creating their own evergreen centerpiece (with a candle, of course! You need light on the solstice). Will introduced everyone to the sheep and horses. David kept the fires burning (and sampled the beer. Someone has to make sure it tastes good).

A man ladles cheese onto a plate of food.


Chef James Kitchens / chef

Werner Tree Farm / host

Katie Palatucci / photographer

six women hold evergreen centerpieces, standing in front of a red barn with Christmas lights.

Wish you hadn't missed out? Join us for a Maple Celebration Adventure Dinner this March!

Until next time,


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