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How to choose the right Christmas Tree

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

As Christmas tree experts, you would think we've never chosen a tree that didn't work well in our house. But we've had more than one Christmas where we had to saw a foot of the bottom of the tree on the living room floor because the tree that looked so perfect in the field was taller than the room. So we've put together some tips on how to choose the right tree for your space.

1. Know the size of your room. The average ceiling is 8' tall. This means you don't want a tree any taller than 7 1/2'. Remember, you need to leave room for the tree stand. Do you put a star or an angel on your tree? Make sure to leave space for your tree topper. Measure the ceiling height in the room where the tree will be displayed. The trees in the field look small when the sky is the ceiling. Consider width as well. A tree that will fit in the room vertically may be entirely too big horizontally.

2. Check the tree for freshness. Run a branch through your enclosed hand - the needles should not come off easily. Bend the outer branches - they should be pliable. If they are brittle and snap easily, the tree is too dry. Keep in mind, if it is very cold out (15 degrees or colder) even trees growing in the field will be brittle and snap easily. In the fall of the year ALL conifers drop or shed a certain portion of their oldest needles. This is a normal part of the life cycle of the tree and occurs because the tree is preparing itself for winter.

3. Consider variety. Fir trees tend to be softer and more fragrant. Spruce trees tend to have stiffer branches. Pine trees have longer needles and can look fuller.

3. Wear boots or waterproof shoes. Bring rain gear if the weather is threatening. The tree cutter should also have gloves. Remember to bring your camera! A day at the tree farm is great for capturing family memories. If you bring your friendly dog, they must stay on a leash at all times. Please don't let them "mark" other people's trees.

Cutting down a Christmas Tree is a fun family activity.

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