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November Farm News

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Cheryl and David putting in sign posts

Days are getting cooler and we've already seen snowflakes a few times. We're getting the shop and plantation ready for opening day. Outside, this means putting up signs, tree racks, and cleaning the wreath lean-to. We've also been removing dead trees from the fields and finishing shearing work (which is never really done). Every time we go into the fields we see a tree that could use a snip here or there.

Inside the shop, we've started pulling boxes out of storage and going through inventory of wreath rings, tree netting, and wreath decorating supplies. Cheryl and Amanda have already made over 300 bows for wreaths. After we get the shop clean and wreath making stations set up, we'll put the train table together and start making wreaths.

Soon we'll be making wreaths and garland, but for now we're enjoying the last warm days of fall.

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